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People in Paris

Sadly I had to delete my photo blog so from here on out I will be showing some of my work on this blog.
I am still pretty much in the novice stages of photography but it’s become a huge passion of mine. My goal is continue to grow and evolve.

My travels have afforded me the opportunity to see a lot and photography is the medium I use to share the awesome experiences I’ve had with others.

I love taking pics of people.

I promise it isn’t as creepy as it sounds.
It’s just that they’re so interesting and you can capture so much.
Paris was prime ground for people watching and to get some cool pictures. There is just so much happening all around you.
These are just some of my favorites.
I loved the dress.
She spent over an hour in this position begging.
Loving the 60’s look
My momma



Her expression was interesting
They were reading together. So adorable