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New Product Love

Last weekend I checked out the flea market in Williamsburg called Artists and Fleas. It’s such a cool space with lots of independent artists selling everything from artwork to beauty products.
I can’t believe I’ve lived in Brooklyn so long and never knew this place existed.

One of the vendors that I discovered and really was impressed by was a young man who started a line of lip balms. The line started out for men only but has quickly evolved to include women’s lip balms which have a hint of color for those days when you want to be natural.

I am not someone who uses lip balms frequently but since purchasing one of his products, I find myself reaching for it every day. I love how moisturized my lips feel and how good the product smells. The best part is that all the lip balms are natural and organic so no funky ingredients.




He is branching out into oil scents as well. He gave me a free tote which had been sprayed with this scent called Gloria. I loved the smell so much that I rushed back to the market to purchase it becasue I needed it in my life. The fragrance is so fresh and alluring, and it lasts for days.


Please go check out his website and buy something. He offers free shipping which is awesome!
Click this link to see all the goodies he has to offer.
It’s always exciting to see young people hustling to make their vision come to life and see the fruits of their labor out there for people to enjoy.


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