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Hey lovelies,

Happy long weekend. Despite the cold it was a lovely day here in Brooklyn. Lots of sunshine which made me feel better about the biting chill of the wind. I’m not a winter girl and I am already over it. At least it didn’t snow and for that I’m grateful.

I picked up a few goodies recently and wanted to share them with you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure by now you know about the Fenty Beauty line. I was resisting purchasing anything from the line because I own a ton of lip colors already from ColorPop and I’m pretty loyal to the brand, but everyone and their spirit animal have been raving about the Stunna Lip Paint in the color Uncensored. Not gonna lie, I was really curious and after watching a ton of YouTube reviews, I caved in and purchased it.

I actually really love it. It’s a beautiful red with a soft matte finish. It goes on smoothly and stays put for a long time. The brush applicator isn’t my favorite. It requires too much precision and isn’t goof proof. I suggest using a lipliner to help the color stay in place and to define your lips.

I’ve added two more products to my minuscule Fenty collection. I picked up a mini set that includes a gloss and a highlighter. I love the subtle glow that the highlighter gives without looking too harsh or over done. I’m not a big gloss girl but I will try this out for those days when I want to be low key but still put together. It goes on nicely without being sticky or leaving that weird residue on the lips like some glosses do.

I really want to try out the foundation but I am currently using a couple foundations that work for me and I am not willing to give them up. Maybe I’ll pick up a sample from Sephora and give it a go. Who knows, I could fall in love and abandon my trusty MaryKay foundation.

My current obsession in the fragrance department is Gypsy Waters by Byredo.

I’d heard about this fragrance years ago and got a little sample. Since then it’s been on my wishlist because it’s such an amazing scent and I literally couldn’t get it off my mind. It’s very clean and fresh without being overwhelming. I love that it isn’t sweet and florally.


Prior to purchasing the full size, I did get a mini collection of three fragrances including Gypsy Waters. There are a bunch of other scents in the line but Gypsy Waters is definitely my fave. It’s a splurge with the 50ml running you one hundred and fifty dollars but a little goes a long way and I plan to make it last a long time.

The minis are great for traveling and also if I want to expand my collection in the future, I am already familiar with a few of the other scents. Guys I seriously love this fragrance. Put it on your birthday or Christmas wishlist cause I guarantee you will want this in your collection.

That’s it for now.

What are you currently loving?

Drop a line to let me know.