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San Francisco

Hi lovelies, I”m back from my little trip to San Francisco and now mentally preparing to handle the frigid temps that New York is currently dishing out. Despite being a little chilly, San Francisco was a lovely escape from the cold with average temps being around 58 degrees. Most days I wore a light jacket… Read More San Francisco


2018 Goals

I was out to dinner with a friend the other day and in a very casual way she asked where I saw myself in five years. I had never been confronted with that question before and I had absolutely no clue. Literally nothing came to mind. I don’t even know what the plan should even… Read More 2018 Goals


Life Lately

  Hello lovelies, It’s been a long time. Way too long but for a really good reason. My goal for a while has been to revamp my blog and I’m super excited to introduce you to


Weekend Recap #9

Hey lovelies, Happy Labor Day! I hope you guys had a wonderful long weekend and did lots of fun things. My weekend was rather low key. I had big plans of driving out to New Jersey and going to Cape May but the weather was not here for me. It was cold and rainy and… Read More Weekend Recap #9

Fashion & Lifestyle

New Product Love

Last weekend I checked out the flea market in Williamsburg called Artists and Fleas. It’s such a cool space with lots of independent artists selling everything from artwork to beauty products. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Brooklyn so long and never knew this place existed. One of the vendors that I discovered and really… Read More New Product Love


Weekend Recap #8

Happy Monday lovelies. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. It was extra hot but beautiful nonetheless and I tried to enjoy it as best as I could. On Saturday I drove out to Freeport Long Island with my mom and her friend. We just wanted to get out of Brooklyn for a bit.… Read More Weekend Recap #8


Weekend Recap #7

But first coffee…fed my addiction with some good coffee  Hey lovelies, how was your weekend?Mine seemed to fly by so quickly.I can’’ve been back to work for several weeks now and I am living for the weekends. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully it was a beautiful out and the weather… Read More Weekend Recap #7