December Travel Plans

image  via Hey lovelies,I hope that your weekend has been been nothing short of wonderful. Mine has been really low-key. I did some work, laundry and went to church. Nothing fancy. I did get a chance to do some reading. I’ve been reading the entire Sherlock Holmes collection. It’s so good! It’s almost time for… Read More December Travel Plans

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My trip to Nicaragua could have easily been written off as a bust. It pretty much rained for the entire time we were there and when the rain finally stopped, it was overcast for the rest of the day.I am super grateful for my awesome friends, who made the trip awesome despite the yucky weather.… Read More Nicaragua!

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Scene in Tamarindo

Hey lovelies,I have tons of pictures from my awesome trip to Tamarindo.Check out just a smidgen of the action as captured by my phone and camera. made a friend who wanted to be in on the photo action one of many beautiful sunsets Add caption Add caption


Summer Travel Plans

Hellooo Lovelies,Happy Summer!I am officially on vacation and words can’t even describe how ecstatic I am. No waking up at 5:15 for the next five weeks. If that isn’t paradise then I don’t know what is. Usually I try to pack my summer with loads of traveling but this summer is going to be pretty… Read More Summer Travel Plans


favorite travel memories

Hey lovelies,I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. This weekend my urge to travel was so intense. I spent way more time than I’m willing to admit on putting in random countries and checking prices. I used the explore option and saw lots of amazing prices and it took every ounce of self-control not… Read More favorite travel memories

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Viva La Mexico

Hi lovelies.I really wanted to share some photos from my trip last month to Mexico.My mom and I had a wonderful time even though it was hot as hell. We stayed at the Grand Porto Real Resort in Playa del Carmen and thoroughly enjoyed the stay. The staff was really helpful and super friendly. Food… Read More Viva La Mexico